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    Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co., Ltd. is a national Class A engineering design agency and high-tech enterprise. It was established by some technical personnel of Beijing Coal Planning & Design Institute in 1971 and relocated in Henan. In January 1986, it was approved by the State Development Planning Commission and classified into the first batch of Class A industrial design institutes. In 1998, it was classified by National Ministry of Coal Industry to be under administration of Henan Province. In 2006, it was modified into a technological enterprise with approval of the provincial department. In May 2012, it completed share reform and was changed into Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

    The Company has Class A qualifications of nearly 20 items, including mine design, coal preparation plant design, building design, intelligent building design, building decoration design, building curtain wall design, engineering light steel design, lighting project design, fire facility engineering design, coal engineering consultation, geotechnical engineering consultation, construction consultation, thermal power, ecological construction and environmental engineering consultation, geotechnical engineering, engineering survey, mine engineering supervision, house construction supervision, general project contracting and project management. It also has Class B qualifications of more than 10 items, including open pit mine design, thermal power generation design, new energy power generation design, municipal thermal design, municipal water supply design, municipal drainage design, municipal road design, environmental engineering design, metallurgic mine engineering design, environmental impact assessment, soil and water conservation, and tender agency, and also special qualifications in energy conservation assessment, clean production review, pressure pipeline design, etc. The Company can provide high-quality services of the full process from engineering early consultation, feasibility study, engineering survey, engineering design, engineering supervision, general project contracting, project management, equipment procurement to turnkey.

   The Company has strong technical forces, perfect quality control, human-oriented service concept and rich experience and performance. It has successively cultivated more than 30 technical experts, including national design masters. At present, the Company has 8 professor-level senior engineers and 212 technical personnel with medium and senior titles. 128 employees have obtained national registered engineer qualifications. The quality, safety and occupational health management systems of the Company cover each professional production and service process and have been certified. Since establishment, the Company has completed the overall design of more than 20 mining areas, the design of more than 2000 mines and coal preparation plants of different types, the design of more than 1000 high-rise (ultra high) buildings, the design of more than 80 power plants, more than 1900 environmental impact assessment reports of mining areas, mines and power plants, the design of more than 100 special roads and railways as well as various types of bridges, the geotechnical engineering survey of more than 1800 large and complex places, high-rise buildings and other projects, and the engineering design and consultation of more than 5000 individual works. The total investment of the completed general contracting and supervision of projects has exceeds RMB 30 billion. The Company’s business covers more than 20 provinces and regions, including Henan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou. The Company has undertaken the design and consultation of projects in more than 10 countries, such as India, Guinea, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. It has been awarded more than 200 prizes of provincial and ministerial levels and above, including National Excellent Design Award, National Technological Progress Award, National General Contracting Award, National Project Management Award and National Project Quality Award. It was also granted several honorable titles such as National Excellent Design Institute, Excellent Enterprise of National Survey & Design Industry, Henan Outstanding Contribution Unit of Survey & Design Industry, and Henan Top Ten Technical Enterprise.

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