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Mine design (Gengcun Mine)

 Mine design (Gengcun Mine)


Gengcun Mine of Yima Coal Group is the first pair of large modern mines established after reforming and opening-up of Henan. It was established in 1982. After modification and expansion, the current production capacity is 3,500,000 ton/year. In the design of Gengcun Mine, the Company’s technical personnel adopted the integrated mechanized coal mining process, dual-curve coal bunker hopper, wire rope-driven belt conveyor, thyristor DC power supply, thyristor auto speed regulator and other most advanced techniques and design experience at home and abroad at that time, which were applied relatively early in China. The mine reached the design production capacity in the year of completion, and maintained high output and high efficiency. Gengcun Mine was awarded the National Gold Prize for Excellent Engineering Design in 1984 by the Construction Department. The dual-curve coal bunker design was awarded the National Silver Prize for Excellent Engineering Design. The modification and expansion project was awarded the National Copper Prize for Engineering Design.

Figure illustration:


1. Garden-style mining area of Gengcun Mine of Yima Coal Group under Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.


2. Dispatching command center


3. Modern comprehensive mining face


4. Underground land with composite support


5. Underground substation




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