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Chinese: 煤炭工业郑州设计研究院股份有限企业
English: Zhengzhou Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

Core values:
Honor   Responsibility   Creativity


Create fine works and provide fine services.
Realize employees’ values and meet customers’ demands.
Develop an enterprises with 100-year history and make contribution to the society.

Based on the industry, develop into a nation-wide and worldwide enterprise.
Create high-tech engineering company with distinctive features, continuous growth and excellent brand.

Scientific, creative, practical, striving, cooperative, and honest

Scientific, rigorous, standard, efficiency, dedicated, trustful and friendly

Operating principles:
Creative thinking, reasonable layout, opportunity seizing, and win-win

Management principles:
Careful design and scientific management
Continuous innovation and dedication to services for customers
Environmental friendliness, health and safety
Compliance with laws and regulations, and seeking for continuous improvement

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