Business Scope > Qualifications

Corporate Main Qualifications

Class A Qualifications
Mine design    Coal preparation plant design   Building design   Intelligent building design
Building decoration design    Building curtain wall design     Engineering light steel design    Lighting project design
Fire facility engineering design   Coal engineering consultation   Geotechnical engineering consultation   Construction consultation
Thermal power engineering consultation    Ecological construction and environmental engineering consultation     Geotechnical engineering   Engineering survey
Mine engineering supervision    House construction supervision    Municipal engineering supervision    General project contracting
Project management    Safety assessment

Class B Qualifications
Open pit mine design    Thermal power generation design    New energy power generation design     Municipal thermal design
Municipal thermal design    Municipal drainage design    Municipal road design    Environmental engineering design
Metallurgic mine engineering design    Environmental impact assessment     Soil and water conservation program   Land reclamation program
Tender agency     Safety production inspection and test

Special Qualifications
Energy conservation assessment    Clean production review    Pressure pipe design    Operation of contracted projects

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